Dec 292012

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 125 km

Dirt starts at N17.03476 E098.52874

A side shoot that will join with a track I rode two days ago

Now to explore that village and beyond it that I never had time to do two days ago

The village is at N17.07387 E098.50788

Its dry, rutted and with lots of bulldust in places but get in the shade and the track is damp

Then to this

The bridge looks a bit wonkier from the other side but it holds up okay as I ride across

At a shelter on the top of a hill

This lovely young lady was sitting there too

I reach a village at N17.10609 E098.48455

The Lady is Burmese and speaks passable English but cant speak Thai while her nephew cant speak English.
She asks the questions then translates for him

An awful lot of smiling friendly faces everywhere I ride today

I ride out the back of the village

Heres where I stop and hoping to see a track over to the 105 but only mountains blocking the way

Looking North


South west, I guess its ride back time

A few more photos on the ride back

I return to the paved surface at N17.03.661 E098.52653 then stop at the Castrol Bike Point on the 105 just before Mae Ramat to get my oil and oil filter changed as today it clocks up 36000 km

There are two of these shops facing each other on both sides of the 105 and I had never noticed them selling bikes before

This shop has got new Hondas and Yamahas plus some used ones. 2 litres of Castrol oil were bought, I supplied the filter and the bill was 240 Baht

Beef curry, rotis and rice for 75 Baht at the Tea Shop

Get the gdb file here …

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