Feb 042008

I took the 105 from Mae Sot and after about 100 km took a right, the 1267 to Mae Ramoeng

The scenery along this road is great, the road itself is twisty but its not a racetrack, the quality could be better plus theres a lot of surface rubbish as well

Mae Ramoeng waterfall is beside the road about 15 km fom the 105

Mon Kiew Lom is what the sign says at the stop point here where I took this picture

I reach Mae Ramoeng after 34 km, there is a concrete road carrying on past the village for a couple of km that wasnt here last year, I follow it then it turns to a dirt track with two concrete strips that is quite badly damaged

You can just about make out the temple on the hill but I couldnt find the road up there if it even exists

Theres a set of hairpin bends just before getting back to the 105

Heres what the new bridge looked like on 8th jan

Heres what it looks like today, they are certainly getting on with it, there was a section of the 105 that looks ready for the tarmac surface and hopefully in march when I next come down here it will be resurfaced

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