Mar 152008

The route 105

Total distance 298 km

I left Mae Sot and rode along the 105 towards Mae Sarieng, the road is in the same condition as early in february when I last rode it, unfortunately no new asphalt has been laid yet

After about 67 km I took a left at a check point, this nice piece of road has a couple of turnings off of it that all go to villages

The road stops in one village right outside this girls house

The village store

No road numbers on any of these side roads today but good tarmac all the way though

The next village ends at the Moei river and its time to ride back to the 105

I carry on riding northwards and then take a left signposted for Mae Usu Cave, this is a narrower road but not in bad condition

The cave entrance but I didnt go inside

A view from outside the cave but its a bit hazy now

I ride on further along the 105 then its another left, my map says this is Ban Nong Bua but no signs are in English. I ride to the end of the road and again its the Moei river

A deserted army post, no sign of any recent activity here

A nice sharp hairpin here

Back on the 105 and the new bridge is coming along well now

The old one can soon be demolished

I ride on in to Mae Sarieng and go straight to the Riverside Guesthouse, but its new people in charge there now, they want 300 Baht for the rooms that were only 150 last month so I go to the Northwest Guesthouse opposite and get a decent room for 150 Baht

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