Dec 202009

The route 105, 3004

Total distance 264 km

Out on the fantastic 105, the traffic was quite heavy to start with but dropped off a bit at Mae Ramat and by Tha Song Yang it was nearly an empty road

I am sure that theres room for a few more yet

Just after the km 71 marker I take a right onto a small side road that runs for 2 km then stops at a small village

There is a small concrete road that runs through the village and up into the hills, this is the view from the top

It turns into a rutted dirt track and so I turn back

Back on the 105 for some more fun

Its just a pure fun road and towards the Mae Sot end once the roadworks have finished its a real fast ride if you want it

I reach the roadworks where some more widening is being done, the road is still completely surfaced all the way at the moment

It was a bit dusty along here, especially when some trucks came along in the opposite direction

At Sop Moei I take a left onto the 3004

This road goes for eight km then is a dirt road, four years ago when I first rode it the surface was new, now its a bit potholed. Its back to the 105 and on to Mae Sariang

Onions with a bit of pork and fries at the Northwest guesthouse tonight for 150 Baht

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