Apr 222009

The route 105

Total distance 253 km

The only route, the brilliant 105

At about the halfway point I stop and see that water is still flowing out from this tunnel like it was when I stopped here on 19th march

I reckon the Moei is about one metre higher today than on 19th march when in fact I was expecting to see it a lot lower but all along the ride today I see evidence of lots of recent rain

I reach the roadworks and at last an asphalt surface is down, its nowhere near complete but at least today I rode the entire journey on asphalt

A few stops and an excellent ride along an excellent road

Its early afternoon when I arrive in Mae Sariang so I go for a ride out the back to see how the river is there, more water than usual for now but its not dirty brown water here

I ride back to town and find that the two restaurants that I use are both shut, the Goodviews owner has done a runner and Beng the Sawaddee proprieter has closed for a couple of weeks and wont be open for about another week as the restaurant has been damaged by wind and rain

I find Beng at the North West Guest House eating, she tells the owner there what I like and I get this good meal of pork,fries and onions for 120 Baht

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