Feb 032008
I took the 105 out of Mae Sot heading north for about 15 km then took a right to see the waterfall, hot springs and cave at Mae Ka Sa

This is the first one ,its at ground level where you park

After a short climb heres the second one

Heres the third one, I love the fact that this one is completely natural, nothing man made at all here to spoil the authenticity of it

Theres a little cave up here as well full of water which was surprisingly warm, in fact warmer than the cold shower in my guest house

Next it was a ride to see the hot spring with the normal sight of boiling eggs in it

I am now on my way up the never ending concrete steps to see the cave, climbing Doi Hua Mod in Umphang was childs play compared to this though, I have to take several stops as my legs are killing me

I could do with a more powerful flash for this sort of work

I keep on descending down the metal ladders

Finally I reach the bottom level, its a bit slippery down here and the ladders and metal poles to hold onto were all wet with condensation for the last two levels. I take a walk around then quickly get back up into daylight as I am down here alone with no torch and if the electric lights go off I am in the shit

A view from the walk back down

I carry on riding north on this road and come back out onto the 105 about 30 km north of Mae Sot

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos of Mae Kasa and surroundings! Nice rememberance of a nice environment with nice people: the Kariang (Karen).

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