Jan 212009

The route 105, 1108, 1110, 4001 1116, 4003, unknown, 1117, hwy1

Total distance 379 km

I took the 105 towards Tak, it was okay in Mae Sot and not too cold but once up in the hills it was foggy and cold

The 105 is numbered Highway 12 at the Mae Sot end but still the 105 as you get out

I take a right onto the 1108 and its warmed up nicely by now

A very pleasant road this one and at its junction with the 1110 I take a right, after a while its another right onto the 4001

At the crossroads its straight across onto the 1116

A good twisty scenic road

At the km 31 marker post the road is very unpleasant but thankfully only for 0.5km, its then tarmac for another 0.7km then more resurfacing for 2kms but this is a rideable surface unlike the first section

I take a right onto the 4003 and this has a nice section of new tarmac along part of it, I come to a t junction and its a left onto an unnumbered road, this takes me to the 1117 where I take a right

I have often wondered how far the 1117 goes towards Umphang as my map shows it going a long way so I ride past Ban Khlong Lan where I usually take a left and ride to the entrance to the Mae Wong National Park. Unfortunately despite showing my Thai drivers license the arsehole in charge still wants the Foreigners entrance fee so I do a u turn and ride back to Khlong Lan.

At Ban Khlong Lan I doi a left and ride up to the waterfall

Nice and cool here and a pleasant enough place

I ride back to the 1117 and turn left then ride to Khlong Lan where I turn left and ride to the reservoir

Lots of Thais here fishing, nothing unusual there, they seem to really enjoy fishing

Now its on to the Khlong Lan National park

Theres lots of people here and some are swimming

Time to ride back along this pleasant road

I ride along the 1117 until I reach highway 1 where its a left and a short ride to Kamphaeng Phet, its a much smaller place than I thought here. I find a Tesco Lotus and eat at KFC for food tonight, the Tesco here doesnt even have a Dairy Queen or Swensens, my what a backwater this place is

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