Jan 102008
The aim was to get to Kanchanaburi with the minimum of highway use, it wasnt the perfect start, I overslept and it was 10am before I left so 500 km plus photo stops meant a long day. I left on highway 105 after filling up with fuel at the Shell station on the Asia Highway, I zeroed the trip and rode off, the 105 is a good road, good surface plus bends and hills galore, 71 km later it was a right onto the 1108 to Na Bot

The 1108 and the start of the smaller roads

The main highway may be faster but this way is definitely more fun, I prefer to occasionally have to wait for cattle to the traffic of the major roads

19 km later its a T junction with the 1110 and I take the right to Wang Chao, this is a pretty flat road

13 km on and its another right turn at the above picture onto the 4001

I stop here at the corner shop for a snack of peanuts, then its time to press on

The 4001 has a few bends in it and the road surface is better now than when I first rode it a couple of years ago

A nice stretch of road this one

I come to the crossroads 18 km later and its straight over onto the finally totally finished 1116, this is the first time in the five years I have rode here that I am crossing over onto tarmac, it has always been a narrow dirt track that turned to tarmac a bit later on after you finally worked out which turn to take

Some nice winding bits here

I come to a T junction 25 km further on and the 1116 goes to the left, I take the right which is the 4003

This is quite a fun road

14 km later its a T junction and I take the left, this road is not numbered. It runs for 6 km then its a T junction with the 1117, I take a right and on to Khlong Lan 20 km further on

At Khlong Lan its a left onto the 1072 and about 50 metres later its time to stop for water at the 7-11

The 1072 is another enjoyable road

I stay on it for 34 km then at a crossroads the 1072 turns left and I go straight over and the road now becomes the 3504, I stay on here for 40 km then the 3504 finishes, straight ahead is the 3456 and the right that I take is also the 3456

Some twisties now

I am back into tapioca country again now, much of todays ride has seen lots of it, after 17 km its a T junction and I do a left onto the 3438 for 2.5 km then its a right onto the 3282

The 3282 takes me to Ban Rai

This road probably has the most bends of any road that i rode today

I reach Ban Rai 53 km later on at at the crossroads I turn left onto the 3011 and after 7 km its the 333, I turn right onto it and ride to Dan Chang where its another water stop at the 7-11 32 km later. From the crossroads in Dan Chang its only 3.5 km before I take a right onto the 3086 which goes through Nong Prue and Bo Phloi

The 3086

I havent stopped that much today as I like to reach my destination before dark and time is getting on, 98 km further on its a left onto the 3398 then 14 km later its a T junction with the 3199, I turn left and ride into Kanchanaburi. I run completely out of petrol at the crossroads but luckily there is a petrol station right there, I now have a 100 percent record of running out of fuel on every bike that I have owned in Thailand. I find out that the tank only holds 16.88 litres and I have rode 488 km on that, I have covered 530 on a tankful before without running out but today I was riding faster, still I got here by 5.15 so not too bad.
This is my personal preferred route between Mae Sot and Kanchanaburi and I have included the distances between turnings but bear in mind they are from my speedo so are not guaranteed accurate. Todays trip was done completely on tarmac for the first time ever on this journey, all the road works are finished and the roads are in good order

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