Dec 242012

The route 105

Total distance 156 km

Todays trip was to ride the short tracks north and south off the 105 between Mae Sot and Tak that I have yet to ride and GPS.
Dirt starts at N16 44.627 E098 50.218

No more track there

Another couple of dead ends then its back to the 105 at the same spot

I ride straight across the 105 onto another dirt track.
I cant imagine there are any dams down here to check on but I will look anyway

Once over the water another dead end

No loops here so its back to the 105

The next dirt track starts at N16 44.447 E098 49.689

This track I am on now wasnt showing on the GPS

According to the GPS this is a track that should take me back to the one I was on earlier

This is not much fun at all, I cant ride too close to the river but the sweetcorn keeps pulling on the front brake lever.
I quickly turn around and ride back

I reach the paved surface at N16 44.367 E098 49.188

Dirt starts again at N 16 45.375 E098 49.148

Lunch time

Another dead end so ride back time

Dirt starts at N16 44.586 E098 48.209 and goes to the river

A single track goes off somewhere but I dont bother following it

Back to the 105 and a few metres on I take a dirt track at N16 44.617 E098 48.272

It gets overgrown and I turn back but riding along the 105 I see where the track comes out so ride it from the other end and it was only about a 30 metre overgrown section so I ride through it to complete the track

I turn onto a dirt track at N16 45.816 E098 45.786 where I see this sign

No sign of anything going on here right now

The toilet looks like it hasnt been used in ages

The river from further down the road

I take a dirt track at N16 45.862 E098 45.036

Just before the water crossing I nearly come to grief on bulldust

Easier going now but I am catching up with a cloud of dust from a truck but fortunately quickly get past it

Finally I reach a village at N16 41.890 E098 46.545

That must be some fire burning in that house going by the smoke coming out

I ride on through for a look

Heres my turnaround point as no track is now showing on the GPS plus its still heading south and I can see no tracks for it to join up with

Spicy beef curry and spicy chicken curry at Sara’s Restaurant tonight for 80 Baht at the buffet

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Yes Auke I saw that on google earth after doing the trip report, its on my to do list thats for sure

  2. Heres my turnaround point as no track is now showing on the GPS plus its still heading south and I can see no tracks for it to join up with
    Not sure if it links but some 4 km further, form where you turned back, on to the south-west there is a track which branches of from the 1090 south of Mae Sot

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