Jan 012013

The route 105

Total distance 144 km

Heading east along the 105 this morning and another lorry crash

I guess that wasnt sufficient to extinguish the fire going by the look of it

The concrete post is a bit blackened and the cables are missing

I turn off at the Doi Muser market and ride through the village at N16.75524 E098.91093.
I notice fuel sold from handpumps here

This concrete road heads south

Great views from up here

The paved surface finishes at N16.72390 E098.91134

I round a bend and its suddenly this single track going downhill, as theres nowhere to turnaround I ride on

I reach a crossroads and turnaround here

I dont see any reason to ride on

Riding back along the concrete road I take a dirt track at N16.74832 E098.91910

I see more traffic along this dirt road then was on the wider concrete road

I guess a lot of the produce at the market on the 105 is grown here

From here I take a narrow single track that will hopefully lead me to a track showing on the GPS

Dirt finishes at N16.74996 E098.93031.
Another short dirt track from N16.75410 E098.93091 to N16.75844 E098.92809 and I ride back to the 105 and stop at the market

I ride back into Doi Muser taking a dirt track at N16.75633 E098.90788

I was wondering if there would be a village at the end of the track but there wasnt, only this building

The views from here are good

I ride back to the paved surface taking a left and then dirt starts again at N16.75768 E098.90602

I ride to the top of a steep hill where something is being constructed

Thats the direction of the 105 but I cant see a track anywhere going to it

I find a narrow single track going towards the 105

This had the fan going for most of the way as I had to slip the clutch and paddle the bike along through the ruts.
It wasnt the fan coming on that concerned me, rather the clutch as I have heard some say they dont take too much abuse.
I was relieved to reach the asphalt of the 105 and here todays dirt finished at N16.76680 E098.87966

Chicken curry at Sara’s Restaurant 80 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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