Apr 082013

The route 105

Total distance 61 km

Todys dirt/unpaved starts at N16.75556 E098.58931

Greenery is always nice to see but sadly not much of it around now

At the other end of the Huay Luek reservoir

Its a hot dusty day with very dry tracks to ride on, I thought yesterday the weather might be on the change but its back to normal today

A few of these very shallow water crossings today

Around the back of the Huay Luek reservoir and no water to be seen here, todays tracks were all new for me and I would like to ride here when its full to see how far it covers

Riding on a bit the water can now be seen

Even out on one of these small tracks there were about five homes built close together

The terrain changes very quickly today, one moment I am slowly negotiating a very rocky track then its out through the fields on dirt

Some of todays tracks were not on the GPS and I just rode on some that were and most of them linked up with others

Quite a bit of this surface today

I finally reach the paved surface at N16.79312 E098.60014 and ride home

Today was the grand opening of a new burger bar in Mae Sot, there are posters for it everywhere and I decided to try it out

This is a volunteer restaurant helping the Burmese refugees, I believe its a non profit one too

Famous Ray’s at N16.71194 E098.56133 or 61/3 Ban Tung Road for those without GPS

My western burger and fries for 125 Baht

I was well satisfied with my burger and it certainly filled me up

Get the gdb file here …

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