Dec 272012

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 133 km

Starting with this post I have changed the GPS co ordinates from the hddd mm.mmm setting to the hddd.ddddd one.
In correspondence with others that is what they appear to all be using and its a pain when I am in the internet shops changing the settings to see where they mean then changing them back again.
Hopefully this is of no inconvenience to anyone

Dirt starts today at N17.01224 E098.53334

I dont know whats happening along here but plenty of construction vehicles

Time to harvest the ant eggs by the look of it

Dirt finishes at N17.03002 E098.54041 and its a short asphalt bit until dirt starts again at N17.03314 E098.54028

That looks like a village in the distance

I ride through the village to a stream

It doesnt look like the track goes upstream

Downstream goes nowhere as well so its turn back time

I ride back through the village at N17.05070 E098.54346

Now to follow a track heading out of the village, all new stuff again today

Its a dry bumpy track but good fun and a few friendly people are encountered along the way

It looks like my track meanders on

I ride close to another village meaning to take the turning through it on the ride back but time beat me and it can wait for another day

Plenty of dust now and I park up for a couple of minutes to let it clear

As soon as the dust clears this comes along, thankfully no more vehicles appear after that

This Monk tells me if I ride on the road splits and left goes to Chiang Mai so I am guessing it leads back to the 105 but the GPS only shows it going on for another 1 km or so

Another village at N17.10175 E098.51608

He just didnt want to look at the camera

They have problems getting up a steep hill covered in bulldust and with a sharp corner at the top

What the bamboos were for

I ride out of the village on the track that possibly goes back to the 105 but now nothing is showing on the GPS

I dont fancy trying that bridge out

It would soon lead to a fall in there

Its gone 3 pm so that track can be explored another day, its time to ride back

I branch off onto another track on the way back so some new scenery

More dust coming my way by the look of it

Dirt finishes at N17.03661 E098.52653

A new restaurant tonight right behind the Smile Guest House and located at N16.71302 E098.55989

Indoor non smoking

Outdoor smoking

Moo hunglay and rice for 100 Baht, the photo doesnt do justice to how much pork was in that dish and if you ordered two portions of rice it would be a very filling meal indeed.
Delicious too

A delicacy from the market for 25 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  3 Responses to “Mae Sot-Dirt Tracks North Of Mae Ramat”

  1. Peter I often just jump the kerb on the KLX or ride to the nearest spot where I can turn around, I dont think you need to go far to legally turn around

  2. I see you did a u-turn at the new junction @ N16.72352 E98.58435. Are there any turn restrictions?

  3. Hi Colin,
    That coordinate change is a good idea. However, just for your info, you can enter coords in either format into Google Maps to see where a location is. It also works with MapSource without changing settings. I don’t think the GPS is that clever, so that’s where your frustration must be coming from.

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