Apr 092013

The route 105, 3047

Total distance 72 km

Dirt starts at N16.80200 E098.60819

Another dry and dusty day but this is typical of the extent of the burning around here, nothing on the scale of north from here

I ride round in a loop and return to the paved surface at N16.80200 E098.60819

Dirt starts again at N16.80352 E098.60558

The fires here pose no problem at all

I was surprised to find water and mud today but I did in two places

The end of this farm access track so time to turn around

Thats not a fire but a whirlwind spinning the ash up

Its baking hot now but despite the heat the fan on the KLX just wont come on under normal offroad riding.
The overheating problem hasnt resurfaced since they checked the system out.
Its my guess that it was caused by the expansion tank being overfilled.
After they replaced the coolant at the 36000 km service I noticed the expansion tank was filled virtually to the top and it was only after this that the problem started, I now see that a pen mark has been put where it should be filled up too which is quite a bit lower.
This is where it always was when the bike was new and hopefully it will now be fine

I guess none of these tracks heading east will go very far as its a bit hilly ahead

Another track finished here with only that single track going on

I thought they were making a new track for me to map

As I ride down there I am told its going to be a small reservoir so next trip should see it filled.
Dirt finishes at N16.82927 E098.59776

I guess the owner of this Honda Wave enjoys music while riding

A hot spicy beef curry and brown rice at Sara’s for 135 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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