Jan 032013

The route 1090

Total distance 121 km

I head south on the 1090 to explore new dirt

Dirt starts at N16.56105 E098.70733

A good wide open surface mostly today

No complaints about the scenery either

In a village at N16.62510 E098.76022

This seems more like a prison camp than a village what with the fences everywhere

That petrol chainsaw sure beats a handsaw anyday

Riding on I pass through a village at N16.64685 E098.74678

Once past the village the track turns a lot rockier for a while

Then its back to the easier surface

Now riding in the forest and the surface is still wet under the trees

I leave a waypoint here and turnaround as this track isnt going to where I hoped it was

A few side tracks are tried but they all end as dead end farm access tracks

Some of the chilli pickers seem to like the KLX

Another village at N16.64145 E098.73248

When they have finished cutting that field by hand theres plenty more to keep them occupied

The KLX is in its element exploring these new tracks today

I am glad that lorry turned off before reaching me looking at the cloud of dust folowing it

I ride to the 105 where dirt finishes at N16.57145 E098.67558 then turn around to try out another track back to the 105

From here its a short hop to the 105 where dirt finishes at N16.57236 E098.66002

Back at my guest house another bike has arrived, I like the panniers and the fuel can, the panniers certainly look like they have seen some action

Spicy chicken curry with coconut milk at Sara’s Restaurant 80 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  2 Responses to “Mae Sot-Dirt Tracks East off the 1090”

  1. I will check it out when I go back to Mae Sot in march/april time

  2. I’m wondering whether the track @ 16.650881, 98.744739 would get you the 4 km East across the hills to Ban Huai Raphring? On GE you can just make out a track into the forest. You may want to explore this one on your next trip. 😀

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