Apr 142013

The route 105, 3047, 3114

Total distance 130 km

Well last nights storm certainly has brought the temperature down, I didnt have the fan on last night as the room was cool enough without it.
This was the temperature at 9.15 this morning, I am not used to going out when its this cold, I venture out and get about 50 metres before getting soaked from a bucket of water.
I am well drenched before getting on the 105 and its a very cool ride along it this morning

Once on the dirt tracks I am safe from the water throwers, todays dirt is from
N16.97213 E098.58317 to N16.99477 E098.60010
N16.98529 E098.59326 to N16.98157 E098.59052
N16.97442 E098.57848 to N17.01183 E098.59267
N17.01417 E098.60189 to N17.00157 E098.60121
N17.00648 E098.57449 to N17.00380 E098.54460
N16.97744 E098.53782 to N16.97310 E098.54341

Bit of a sandy loose surface in a few places today

One of what showed as a dirt track is now concrete for most of it, I dont know how long this surface has been down but it certainly wasnt here on last years trip

Venturing onto the paved surface and I get soaked each time I do it riding through small communities

Just when I am starting to dry out this lot soak me again

Maximum temperature out here today

I dont know how far last nights storm went northwards but I certainly didnt see any signs of wet roads this morning and all of the offroad was as dry as a bone

Famous Ray’s for tonights food, a burger is 100 Baht, for an extra 15 Baht you get an extra beef patty and 10 more Baht for cheese on that gets you a nice tasty half pounder for 125 Baht.
150 Baht including the lovely fries and I was stuffed

Get the gdb file here …

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