Apr 112013

The route 105, 3047

Total distance 100 km

Todays dirt tracks were from
N16.87925 E098.58434 to N16.87925 E098.58434
N16.87838 E098.59183 to N16.87475 E098.58291
N16.87785 E098.59723 to N16.87785 E098.59723
N16.87903 E098.59875 to N16.90163 E098.60048
N16.90263 E098.61145 to N16.90072 E098.61436
N16.90072 E098.61436 to N16.88277 E098.61339

A cloudy cooler morning as I set off, typical as I bought a thermometer yesterday to see how hot it is out here in the afternoons and its sods law that its not so hot today

A track goes down to the Mae Lamao but I dont think theres much chance of crossing it apart from on main roads

I sit in a farmhands shelter to eat my lunch and its only a shivering 34 C in here

leaving it on the bike seat facing the sun gets it up to 42 C though

Some tracks are dead ends but others loop around

One of them links up with this track which I found last year that links the 105 up with the 3047 to the east

The wet road tells me its time to get a bucket of water again

A couple of buckets go over me and that was cold water too

On the ride back I saw a few more water throwers in places including one along the 105 going towards Mae Sot, I got wet from a water pistol going home but that was it

Beef curry and brown rice at Sara’s for 135 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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