Nov 222009

The route 105, 1175, 8033, 1107, Hwy1, 105

Total distance 325 km

I took the 105 to just past Mae Ramat then took a right onto the 1175, not far along here I get my first photo of a live snake this holiday

Once I got out of its way off it shot

The 1175 started off great and I was looking forward to a good fun ride along it on a nice warm sunny day

I took a turn to my right with this strange road sign, whats this all about then Davidfl?

The road soon degenerated into loose gravel and three k of it was enough

A good scenery shot from it though, I ride back to the 1175 and ride on

Soon into these good bends

Its a fun ride at the moment but its now cloudy and getting quite cold

At times the sun briefly makes an appearance but not for long

Plenty of tents out at the Khunpawor National Park

I should have brought my laundry along to this village and got it done, problem is todays not a good day for drying by sunshine

Unusual to see a pig tied up

Its quite a friendly one and keeps on wagging its tail

I am pretty much at the peak along the 1175, its now very cold and like a fool I dont have my warm clothes or waterproof liners with me

Thats a very good idea sitting around a fire, I stop here for a break and some food

As soon as someone leaves the fire their place is soon taken

The cloud is very low, either that or I am at too high an altitude as its not that far above me

I am over the peak and on the descent now, hopefully to a warmer place, the road has been in an atrocious state for a while now and stays thay way for a long time. I have never seen the 1175 in this bad state before, lots of potholes and loose shingle all over the place

Theres a first for me, never have I seen gasohol 91 for sale in these hand pumps. I dont know if theres a massive drive on to promote gasohol at the moment but when I went to the big PTT/7-11 at Mae Sot this morning it was closed and under refurbishment with only gasohol and diesel going to be sold there the same as the one in Mae Ramat

As I head down a few km the road surface improves as does the temperature

I take the 1107 to the Bhumibol Dam, its still not up to capacity

I ride alongside the river to Tak, as its a sunday not so much electricity needed so the water levels down a bit. At Tak its hwy1 for a couple of km then a right onto the 105 and back to Mae Sot. As soon as I climb up into the hills the temperature really drops again, its cold and lots of traffic on the road so I cant be bothered with stopping for any more pictures

This is a fast food establishment that I sometimes use

All this for 109 Baht, cheaper and better tasting than KFC in my opinion

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