Dec 202012

The route 105, 1140

Total distance 205 km

Riding through town this morning I happened upon this novel way of carefully transporting bikes

Along the 1140

A bit cool and cloudy in the hills to start with this morning

Dirt started at N16 50.418 E098 46.620

I take a right to explore a dirt track heading east that I am hoping will join with the track I was on yesterday

The track forks and I take the left heading north which brings me to a village at N16 55.028 E098 49.566.
There is another track heading out northwards but I take the one heading east which takes me in a loop back near to the other fork where I carry on heading east

Easy going at the moment

I reach another village and park up at N16 53.398 E098 50.283

These decided to hide behind the pole until the camera was put away

I was told at the village that this is not the way to Tak and the road goes nowhere.
I ride on a bit through the trees then it turns to single track and is heading south

Another creaking bamboo forest

I ride until I can find a spot to turn the bike around then ride back

Its good to be back out in the sunlight again

Back in the village and this old lady has a job on her hands picking the chillies off the bush

Riding back and I take a track to my right which soon becomes overgrown and I am on the verge of turning back but thankfully I dont

A blockage here and the detour is terribly rutted as is the track now and I keep getting the bike caught going up steep rutted sections.
I am not looking forward to riding back down them.
I notice I am not that far from the first village I stopped at this morning and hope this track veers to my left to take me there then it will be a much more pleasant ride home

This better track lies ahead of me and left takes me to that village, its early yet so I turn around to see where it goes heading east

Its okay for a while then gets badly rutted and starts going downhill, I press on as I am not that far from the river where I turned back yesterday and would at least like to reach there

A rare break from riding in the trees, I am certainly not looking forward to riding back up the last few km as its now rocky and deep ruts but I am now within 1 km of the river

To my surprise just before the river I reach a Ranger station, I point ahead and they say Tak.
Apparently I have to cross the river twice but he says its not deep so I decide to ride on hoping its easier going than returning the way I rode here would be

Now if its two of these I would be happy

A deeper one but still easy

Its still a rocky ride and caution is needed but not badly rutted now and as I climb and ride on I am thinking the two water crossings are done

Its certainly lovely scenery along here

Thats where I have just rode from

A couple of these are negotiated today

The road forks and the one to my right only goes about 1 km to the river, as I might possibly never ride along here again I decide to ride it to its end.
I wouldnt want to cross that deep section there

The terrain is getting a lot flatter now and easier on both the KLX and myself.
I was getting a bit concerned about the pounding the KLX was taking on the rocks earlier on but no problems appeared

Just when I thought no more water crossings today when the second proper one appears.
This one was a lot deeper than the other one with a fairly fast flowing current

Still an unpaved road but a much better surface and faster progress can be made for a while, then it turns back to a rockier surface until I reach the paved surface at N16 48.292 E099 01.813

I ride through a barrier and wondered if getting in this way would be easy or not

Along the 105 and someone had a bad day

Thats two petrol tankers I have seen crashed along this road

A tasty pizza at Casa Mia for 130 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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