Jan 112013

The route 1090, 4016

Total distance 97 km

Along the 4016 on the last ride from Mae Sot for this particular visit, after a months fun its time to return to Chiang Mai to get the KLX serviced.
Its been a lovely stay here in a very ethnically diverse town that gets overlooked and never did I expect to find the amount of great tracks up in the mountains that were more often than not unmapped

Dirt starts at N16.54116 E098.74389

I ride through a village at N16.57040 E098.75932

Back to paved at N16.55188 E098.70831

Dirt starts again at N16.56857 E098.68770

Everywhere I ride today lots of water is being used to irrigate the crops

I never expected a flooded road though

Exploring some new tracks and I ride through a village at N16.62975 E098.68469

Theres still lots more tracks to ride here in Mae Sot

In the distance is the large mining operation I visited last year but my GPS shows no track going to it

The GPS might not show this track but it is heading in the right direction to link up with another one

Now for a ride through a bamboo forest

Then a few water crossings are encountered

I am on a showing track again now so its looking like I will link up with a track I found last year

I reach an asphalt road at N16.66820 E098.67102 and take a right which leads to a village at N16.67762 E098.67464

There are two tracks going off of this road which will be explored another time

The tallest one on the right is visiting from Hong Kong

Buffet at Sara’s Restaurant 120 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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