Nov 142012

The Route 1090, 4017, 4016

Total distance 126 km

Chicken masaman for breakfast at the Tea Shop, delicious and 45 Baht

Heading along the 1090 and the Tara Rak waterfall can be seen from the road

I believe that this waterfall is a recent man made one rather than a natural one

Next stop was the Pha Charoen waterfall and these kids appear to be enjoying their school day out

The balloon passing game is well under way now and as I watch them playing it I realise it is virtually 50 years since I was playing the same game at my primary school, how time flies

An outside toilet at an outside toilet, I didnt see anyone using it though

Now riding along the 4017 to visit the Pa Wai waterfall, I thought today would be a good day to visit as I am here a lot earlier this season than I was last year and was hoping to see a lot more water flowing

Half of the narrow road is being used for drying the harvest

It looks like the water level was a lot higher recently and a shame I didnt get to see it

Water flowing down into the bottomless pit, well the bottom cant be seen

These two tell me if I walk further I will see more water

I walked as far as here when a large snake suddenly shot out in front of me and quickly sped away, now I enjoy spotting and photographing snakes but I prefer to see them first and this one gave me a shock.
The saying is dont be frightened of snakes as they are more afraid of us then we are of them, thankfully this particular snake was in agreement with that saying

Quite interesting looking into these caves

At the bottom of my walk is this gigantic tree

That seems to stretch up into the sky

At one stage it was looking like the vehicle wouldnt make it

But they got through

Workers tending to the tomatoes

On the way back along the 4017 I take a right to explore some new tracks and the surface turns to dirt at N16 30.793 E098 47.229

Along here a small reservoir

With the kids having fun at the overflow

The KLX enjoying what I bought it for today

I reach a t junction where I turn left to ride to the 4016 and the asphalt surface resumes at N16 32.283 E098 45.839, I ride as far as the 4016 then turn around to explore some more dirt

Now in a small village

I want to try and link up with a track I was on last trip but the track is disappearing

I leave the KLX and walk a bit as I am worried it might suddenly disappear down a deep ditch that was out here somewhere, if I fall in I can climb out but getting the bike out would be a big problem

Definitely no more track now

Not far away is a road that minibus is travelling on but I cant reach it

This irrigation ditch is blocking my progress

Time to turnaround and find another way across

Now on the road the minibus was on

That narrow ditch is all thats stopping me from linking up the track on the other side that I rode on during my last time here but theres no way across

From here I stay on the unpaved track until it reaches the 4016 and returns to asphalt

Beef curry tonight at the Tea Shop, 40 Baht and very enjoyable indeed

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