Feb 242015

Total distance 64 km

Good fun open tracks found today

Todays only sighting of water

A corn loaded rat trap I guess

Plenty of happy smiling faces found along the tracks

I was a bit unsure if it would topple over

These steps tell me there might be a temple up there but I need to find the road to it first

Chickens drinking the dirty ditch water

He was only getting this muddy ditch water for his chickens despite having a pond full of cleaner water

I was only reading a day or so ago that Thailand doesn’t produce enough rubbish to power a generating plant, who ever said that obviously hasn’t seen the amount dumped around the country.
If it was all collected in the correct place there would be plenty

I am guessing that rubbish will power this plant

Next trip here should see it operating

Wat Phrathat Doi Mueang Kaeo

Must get a look of this from the other side when its finished

Phil treated me to food tonight at Krua Canadian

Beef fajitas

Apple pie and ice cream


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