Mar 232014

Total distance 142 km
Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5109.jpg

Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5123.jpg
No sign of any rain out this way, just another hot sunny day here
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Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5125.jpg
An unexpected water ride today
Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5126.jpg

Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5127.jpg
More new tracks discovered today
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Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5130.jpg

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Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5121.jpg

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Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5112.jpg

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Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5118.jpg
A few friendly dogs here
Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5119.jpg
Today wraps up the mapping to the west of the 105 north of town, I think I have virtually the lot of them now
Mae Sot 23/3/2014-img_5134.jpg
Delicious vegetarian pizza at Casa Mia 170 Baht


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  1. I am led to believe it is not possible Patrick

  2. Hi Captain,

    Any info re going east from Um Phang on 1117 towards route 1 via Ban Bang Khao Saan & Khlong Lan. Is it passable?

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