Jan 242014
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The route 105, 1175

Total distance 260 km
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3636.jpg
I managed to get an early start today so I was determined to finish off where I turned around yesterday
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3635.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3634.jpg
It was a very cold morning so it was four t shirts and trousers under my riding gear with the windproof liners in too, that did the trick and I was not cold at all
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3654.jpg
I finally reach the village or maybe it was two of them close together after a long rough ride, I certainly made the right decision in turning around yesterday afternoon
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3667.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3668.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3669.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3670.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3671.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3672.jpg
Exploring a track and this is as far as I can go
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3666.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3665.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3655.jpg
Pleasant greenery at this place
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3656.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3657.jpg
An easy to remember village name at N17.30743 E098.65488
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3658.jpg
I wonder if this village is cut off in the rainy season
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3659.jpg
Here was where I really thought I was in the shit, the bike died on me as I was going uphill and I was wondering how many days before I was going to get back to Mae Sot.
It didnt want to start so I left it while I ate my lunch, I tried again, the motor spun freely but wouldnt run, finally it started and sounded as though it was flooded for a few seconds then it ran fine.
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3660.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3661.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3662.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3663.jpg
The school appeared to be closed today and the kids were running around the village
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3664.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3647.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3653.jpg
According to the GPS I was well in the water but here it is in the distance
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3652.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3651.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3650.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3649.jpg
Solar powered street light?
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3648.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3646.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3645.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3644.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3643.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3642.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3641.jpg
He looks a bit the worse for wear
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3640.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3639.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3638.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3637.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3673.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3674.jpg

Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3675.jpg
Back at Famous Ray’s and they actually sell proper beer here, none of that lager rubbish
Mae Sot 23/1/2014-img_3677.jpg
Double burger and fries for 150 Baht


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