Jan 222014

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 238 km
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Spotted along the 1175
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As soon as I ascended along the 1175 I was freezing, definitely the coldest morning so far.
These were probably feeling the same way and enjoying a bit of warmth here
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Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3593.jpg
Another virtually dried up tributary
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Exploring the turn offs I saw on yesterdays ride and the first new village at N17.18925 E098.63167
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Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3598.jpg

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The next village at N17.20751 E098.62814
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3606.jpg
A working phone box too
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3607.jpg

Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3609.jpg
Further on and approaching civilisation by the look of it
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3608.jpg
It never really warmed up today and its unusual feeling cold when off road riding
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3612.jpg

Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3613.jpg
I was not expecting to find this out in the wilds at N17.26815 E098.60082
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3614.jpg

Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3615.jpg
Could someone translate this please
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3616.jpg
I encounter this guy who informed me of a track that goes to Chiang Mai via Omkoi.
I waypointed where it starts and its something to explore some other time when its warmer and I can get out early.
I am not posting the co ordinates on here as I dont want anything of mine lifted by the Bangkok lifter
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Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3618.jpg
I ride on as there is another village along here to explore
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3619.jpg
When I see this I think I am nearly there but no sign of anything
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3620.jpg
I pass a guy who tells me there are two more villages and the nearest is another five km away.
I ride a bit further then call it a day at this bridge as time is getting on and I have a long ride back
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Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3622.jpg

Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3623.jpg

Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3624.jpg
One more village on the way back at N17.25953 E098.58609.
Here the rice being milled
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3625.jpg
I was expecting an easy days exploring but yet again there were other turn offs that I didnt have time to explore
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3626.jpg
There were two more small settlements that I passed through at N17.25006 E098.59609 and N17.25905 E098.59252
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3627.jpg

Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3629.jpg
On the way back and just like yesterday afternoon the buffaloes are in the river
Mae Sot 22/1/2014-img_3631.jpg
Lasagna, salad and garlic bread at Casa Mia for 160 Baht


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