Jan 212014

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 206 km
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3534.jpg
About 20 km along the 1175 it was time to go exploring some tracks I didnt get chance to last trip, it was useful of the Police to have this map showing me where I might find some new unmapped villages
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3535.jpg
I am not expecting it to be to scale but who cares its a help as nothing shows on the GPS
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3566.jpg
Enjoying a hot freshly cooked sample
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3565.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3564.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3563.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3562.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3561.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3560.jpg
I reach a new village at N17.22910 E098.55424
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3559.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3558.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3567.jpg
Temple at N17.22949 E098.56142
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3568.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3569.jpg
A bit hazy here
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3578.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3577.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3576.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3575.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3574.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3573.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3572.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3571.jpg
Through the haze I can see a village
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3570.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3557.jpg
Through a dried up tributary river but look at how much water comes along here going by the tree trunks in it
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3556.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3543.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3542.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3541.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3540.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3539.jpg
The new bridge has been completed at Ban La
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3538.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3537.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3536.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3544.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3545.jpg
Heading north from Ban La on an unmapped track and its a very rocky start
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3546.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3555.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3554.jpg
A few water crossings that definitely dont go through during the wet season
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3553.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3552.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3551.jpg
I am now down close to the main river and in the above photo it looks like this track would be more than two metres under water during the wet season
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3550.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3549.jpg
Now on a sandier surface
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3548.jpg

Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3547.jpg
A good loop was found today and theres at least three more unmapped tracks going off of them
Mae Sot 21/1/2014-img_3582.jpg
A moo Hunglay at Mai Thai restaurant tonight for 105 Baht


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  1. Great blog Captain, if you’re ever near Mae Wong in Nakhon Sawan drop me a line.
    Happy travels!

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