Jan 202014

The route 105, 3025, 3004

Total distance 149 km

A couple of shots from along the 3025.
Unfortunately I have had to load the photos from Photobucket today as the site uploader doesnt seem to want to work for me, in fact since I left Chiang Mai its been a pain in the arse uploading using it.
It doesnt matter what computer I use neither the shift or Ctrl keys will allow me to upload them all in one go and it takes a month of sundays doing in one by one.
I have tried using a different browser with the same result so until its fixed you will have to put up with the lower quality of Photobuckets hosted pictures.
Is anyone else getting this problem? its happened in every internet shop that I have used in Mae Sarieng and Mae Sot

Lots of smiling faces again today

A lady waiting at the Moei

Another village I found today at N16.94310 E098.49625

They didnt seem to be having any luck starting it, each kick produced a backfire

A mix of Thai and Burmese in this village

A new section of the 3004

More maize coming over from Burma

I dont notice many pomelo trees when riding around

Sausages, chips, beans and onions at Krua Canadian for 160 Baht


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