Mar 192014

Total distance 141 km
Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_4997.jpg
The trails I rode on were a lot less sandy than the ones I was riding on in Kanchanaburi and it made life a lot more pleasant
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Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5000.jpg
The Mae Ramat river is virtually dried up now
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Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5003.jpg

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Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5005.jpg
Fun interesting tracks were found
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Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5007.jpg
The end of this particular track
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Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5009.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5012.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5010.jpg

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Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5014.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5015.jpg
Unsurprisingly this track wasnt showing on the GPS and this plus other unshowing ones made interesting loops rather than just dead ends
Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5016.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5017.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5018.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5019.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5020.jpg
Still a good flow on the Moei
Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5021.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5022.jpg
A fire burns over the border in Myanmar
Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5023.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5024.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5025.jpg
Out in the middle of nowhere and chillis galore
Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_5026.jpg

Mae Sot 19/3/2014-img_4994.jpg
A lovely beef curry with brown rice, 135 Baht at Sara’s Takeaway


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