Jan 192014

The route 105, 3006, 1215, 3025

Total distance 153 km
Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3445.jpg
A shot of the well paved 3006
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Lots of potatoes growing on todays ride
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3449.jpg
The parents are out working in the fields so the kids amuse themselves
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3451.jpg
At the Moei and its business as usual
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3453.jpg

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I was surprised to see this TB hospital out on the tracks, its at N16.84071 E098.5217
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3460.jpg
This is most definitely not welcome
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3464.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3463.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3466.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3467.jpg
A short single track section today
Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3469.jpg
This Burmese writing written in fertiliser on the track amused me, although for all I know I could have it upside down
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3471.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3473.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3474.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3475.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3476.jpg
I arrive at an unexpected Burmese village at N16.93379 E098.52178 and almost feel like I am on the wrong side of the border
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3479.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3480.jpg

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Everything is in Burmese
Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3485.jpg
A motorbike disturbs the kids football game
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Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3487.jpg

Mae Sot 19/1/2014-img_3491.jpg
A lovely vegetarian pizza at Casa Mia for 130 Baht


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