Jan 182014

The route 105, 1215, 3006

Total distance 115 km
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3399.jpg
I pressed the starter this morning and nothing to start with but then holding it in I finally got a contacxt and it started.
So the first stop this morning was the Castrol Bike Point to get it fixed
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3401.jpg
In the UK I use WD 40 but here it was this one
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3403.jpg
They took the insides out, cleaned them up and gave it a good spray
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3404.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3400.jpg
It took about 20 minutes and cost me the grand sum of 80 Baht.
No starting problems since then so hopefully that problem has also been fixed
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3405.jpg
A lot of cyclists out on the dirt tracks today
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3406.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3407.jpg
I spent an hour or so retrieving the last of the lost tracks from tuesdays trip then found some new unmapped tracks
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3408.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3409.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3411.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3412.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3413.jpg
Good to see they are getting my onion supply going
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3414.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3415.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3416.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3417.jpg
Not what I need as I stop for my sandwich on a very windy day
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3418.jpg
My lunch stop
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3421.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3420.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3419.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3422.jpg
Rubber mats out drying
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3424.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3425.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3426.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3427.jpg
Crops coming over from Burma
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3428.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3429.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3430.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3431.jpg
Further on and another crop crossing spot
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3432.jpg
A vehicle transporter here
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3433.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3435.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3436.jpg
I guess its too steep to pedal
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3438.jpg
Back on the bike now as its downhill
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3440.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3439.jpg
Tonights eatery at N16.71551 E098.56979, its like a cross between KFC and Pizza Hut but nicer food and a hell of a lot cheaper
Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3441.jpg

Mae Sot 18/1/2014-img_3442.jpg
Two tasty chicken fillet burgers and large fries for 117 Baht


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