Jan 172014

The route 105

Total distance 129 km
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3375.jpg
After finally getting the GPS to work properly it was time to get out and re ride tuesdays route to recover the lost track
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3376.jpg
Some tracks I didnt ride on tuesday were rode today and the ones I had rode were mostly rode in the reverse direction so it felt like a different route
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3377.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3378.jpg
A boat full of Burmese had just landed
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3379.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3380.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3381.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3382.jpg
They soon shoot off inland
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3383.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3385.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3386.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3384.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3387.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3389.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3388.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3390.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3391.jpg
A nice long aquaduct here
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3393.jpg
Some fun tracks today
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3394.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3395.jpg
This shed looks like its about to fall down
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3396.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3397.jpg
I stop to take this photo and am happy now the GPS problem has been sorted but today another one appeared as my bike went dead out in the woods.
I put it in 1st and ran forward dropping the clutch but the rear wheel just locked up, the same thing happened in 2nd gear.
Fortunately I managed to push start it in 3rd gear and rode out, I think its dirt/dust/shit in the starter button switchgear, as it sometimes starts if you hold the button in.
Hopefully a trip to Castrol Bike Point in the morning will get it sorted as I dont wish to have to return to Chiang Mai
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3364.jpg
My favourite restaurant here in Mae Sot was Sara’s which did lovely Sri Lankan/Indian and Pakistan food but sadly it closed in june.
Robinson, the owner/chef invited me to his house for dinner so I gratefully accepted
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3365.jpg
Chicken and beef curry
Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3366.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3367.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3368.jpg

Mae Sot 17/1/2014-img_3372.jpg
With homemade yoghurt for dessert.
The good news is Robinson is hoping to start cooking again for people on a takeaway menu from his house sometime next month, I will keep my fingers crossed it happens


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  1. It was delicious Katie

  2. Great pics.  All the food look delicious! YUMM! :) 

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