Jan 142014
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The route 105

Total distance 118 km
Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3339.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3338.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3337.jpg
Lots more dry tracks today
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Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3341.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3342.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3343.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3344.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3345.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3346.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3349.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3348.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3347.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3350.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3351.jpg
I wonder if this is a future paved road
Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3352.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3353.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3354.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3355.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3356.jpg
A lot of water is being extracted from the Moei for crops
Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3357.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3359.jpg

Mae Sot 14/1/2014-img_3361.jpg
Sizzling fajitas at Krua Canadian 140 Baht


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