Jan 132014

The route 105

Total distance 122 km
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3309.jpg
Its back to mapping north west of town and carrying on from where I got to on my last trip here in april
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3310.jpg
Not what I need to follow along a dusty track, thankfully it soon stops to get its cargo
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Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3312.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3313.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3314.jpg
Its very breezy here, notice how the grass is blowing towards the left of the photo
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3315.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3316.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3318.jpg
Some tracks take me to the Moei river
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3319.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3320.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3322.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3321.jpg
Lots of maize coming over from Myanmar
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3323.jpg
I didnt realise the Moei rose this far in the wet season
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3324.jpg
The crops in Myanmar waiting to come over
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3325.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3326.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3327.jpg
At the end of another track I was surprised to find this shop open at the river
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3328.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3329.jpg
I seem to find vehicles on this track today
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3330.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3331.jpg

Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3332.jpg
Its so dry and dusty out here it seems like the storms of a few weeks ago never happened.
Mae Sot 13/1/2014-img_3334.jpg
A lovely lasagne, salad and garlic bread at Casa Mia for 130 Baht


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