Feb 052008

I headed out of Mae Sarieng towards Hot for 15 km then turned left onto the 3010

This road started off very promising, the sign said the hot springs were 13 km from the highway, if its going to be 13 kms of this it will be a good ride

Unfortunately the road does not stay that good, the surface is okay for a few kms then gets a bit pot holed, I am now taking the dirt track for 1.5 km to the hot springs

The ranger said its only a 300 metre walk from where I parked the bike to the hot springs and it was an easy walk

Nothing spectacular here but it is a nice quiet pleasant place and I didnt see another visitor all the time I was here

The water from the hot springs runs down to this river and its surprising how hot the water still is when it reaches here

After spending a pleasant few hours out here walking around and relaxing I ride back to Mae Sarieng, I had planned on doing another excursion today but I was feeling too lazy

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  2 Responses to “Mae Sarieng To Salawin Reforestation Park And Hot Springs”

  1. Heres when I last rode there, if you scroll right to the bottom of the page you will find a gps track on google earth.

    The 3010 is the twisty road coming back down to the 108.


  2. I’m a little confused. I can’t locate the 3010 you mentioned. However I found this location rather by chance and believe it to be one of the best springs I’ve visited. There are now bungalows that one can stay the night. And there has been low suspension foot bridge installed to cross the river. Great place. Going again this week. 

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