Nov 172007
I took the 108 out of Mae Sarieng towards Hot for about 65 km then it was a right onto the 1099 for Om Koi

This is a really good road with the scenery to match

At Om Koi I stop for a snack and then it was on towards Mae Tun still on the 1099, the road narrows now but a good new surface that was only getting its yellow lines painted today

I am at at a great height now taking these photos

I wonder if this bridge was ever finished as there was no sign anywhere of a collapse, perhaps the money ran out before it was finished like some road projects

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip today, it was a 400 km trip on good roads apart from a few kms about 25 km before Mae Tun where it was a bit pot holed. Not much traffic on the road and very friendly people in Om Koi that were helpful made it a pleasure.

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