Jan 152013

The route 108, 1088, 1192, 1009

Total distance 254 km

On the way home and along the 1088 its not the green countryside from two months ago when I rode along here in the pouring rain

The Mae Chaem river is back to normal colour and well receded since then

Some good curves along the 1088

At last a green tree

So much hazier along here compared to what I have been used to

I spot this clean looking Lifan

Thats probably the reason why

I take a right onto the 1192 and its a lovely new smooth surface now replacing that old pot holed one

Time for a break and the Monk is enjoying one too

He is probably glad to be out of there, from here its an uneventful ride to Chiang Mai

The KLX has accumulated 15000 km of dirt since its last wash just before the 24000 km service and its now due another clean

Thats better, usually its 80 Baht but because of the extra cleaning fluid to get the dirt and oil off I was charged 100 Baht, well worth it

An extremely spicy chicken phall and two portions of rice for 115 Baht at the Hinlay Curry House

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Sure I’m interested! Kindly post a link with details about this meeting, or just tell me when&where?

  2. I should still be in town on the 25th Gene, there is a gt-rider dinner on that evening if you are interested in meeting some of the forum members

  3. I’ve sent you a PM on gt-rider forum, maybe meet up in CM when I get there on Jan 25th? Share some stories, maybe plan a trip together?

  4. Looks really good (although would be interesting to see it in person). 

  5. I had it custom made in Chiang Mai and I think it was about 3000 Baht for the rack and about 1500 Baht for the pannier frames

  6. You’ve got a nice luggage rack! Is this custom made or an aftermarket item? Where/how much was it?

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