Mar 242013

The route 108, 3064

Total distance 141 km

About 10 km north of Mae La Noi I take a right onto the 3064

Not a great start view wise

Dirt starts at N18.46551 E097.96507

I was surprised to find this water here

The river running alongside the track was virtually dried up though

First village of the day at N18.45958 E097.99850 and there is what looks like a singing in place here

Theres no one in the booth and no Western names in the book

Another barrier and booth at the next village at N18.47676 E098.02372 but no book here to sign

Ahead the road splits ,I explore the right first

It soon brings me to this village at N18.49606 E098.02128, I am told the village is Ban Lang Loi, that may not be how its spelt though

Another village at N18.50659 E098.00900

Lots of burnt areas today, luckily no fresh ones started today though with the odd one still smoking from a previous burn

That track down there is the one I was on yesterday, I ride to it to link up then turn around

These are in the next village at N18.48628 E097.99354

Theres a track heading south that is not on the ESRI so I follow it hoping it will link up with one of the first two villages I was in today

It joins up close to the first village so no back tracking needed there

I was wondering how to get to that village but looking at my GPS screen shows me I have rode in a V shape and its the one I rode through earlier

I am guessing that perhaps this village is Ban Mae Huklang at N18.44791 E098.01120

Once through the river the track splits, left shows on the ESRI whereas right doesnt, I take the right to see where it goes to

Still some smoke from this fire

Another village out here at N18.41044 E097.99660

I ride through the water rather then over that

I am told if I ride on I can get to Mae La Noi

As soon as I leave the village the track is only single track

I can hear the water but cant see it as its in the deep gulley

This narrow track has its tight spots

Luckily we meet where there is a passing point

Typical a tree is blocking the path but luckily here it can be rode around, back up high on that ledge it would have been a problem

After what seemed forever I finally appear to be reaching civilisation after the single track from hell.
Never say never but I have absolutely no intention of ever riding that again and it even provoked the KLX to use the fan a couple of times, something which hasnt happened since its service on monday

The single track finishes at N18.38989 E097.96903 as I reach a track I mapped last year and I return to the paved surface at N18.39019 E097.96741

Its the sunday market in town today

That tray on the right looks appetising

Beef curry for 70 Baht

Followed by one of those sticky rice delicacies for 10 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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