Mar 272013

The route 108, 4014

Total distance 111 km

Dirt starts and finishes today at N18.16722 E098.07735

I explore a side track but it finishes here at cabbage pick up point

They probably have to carry the cabbages up that steep narrow path in those baskets

A village at N18.18704 E098.12212

A couple of unshown tracks are discovered around this part and put on the map

The cattle reluctantly move away from that cooler moist spot

My friend the ice cream man is waiting for me

In this hot weather I shouldnt think he will have any problem selling his stock

Village at N18.18526 E098.09210

Village at N18.19013 E098.08431

A happy contented pig

The track goes on heading west of the village, its another unshowing one

It finishes here at some cabbage fields

I dont want him getting too close with those sharp bamboos sticking out

Back at the village there is a single track not showing on the GPS going up over the hills to where I want to go, its steep with no signs of bikes using it and I choose to go back the way I came in and explore there from another track

Another fire going strong

Looking back at the village I just left and I can see the single track coming up the hill

Another village at N18.19823 E098.08459, I was told its name is Ban Kha Nun

I decide to try the single track linking these two villages and on the ride down these kids are taking shelter from the hot sun

Luckily most of the burning appears to have been done

Single track through the woods now

It was steep but not as difficult as I thought, upon reaching the other village I turn around and ride it in the other direction

Ban Kha Nun seems to be scattered around with other tracks leading to different parts of it

Barbed wire here to stop entry or exit

Their imaginary friend must have some influence in this village as he appears to have two homes here

A double portion of moo hunglay for 70 Baht from the market, nice but not as nice as my usual food

Get the gdb file here …

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