Jan 202009

The route 105

Total distance 238 km

It was a foggy and chilly start this morning, the waterproof liners are getting a lot of use in my airflow riding gear lately as it would be rather unpleasant without them

The 105 is as good as its ever been

These lovely bends

And fantastic scenery

Still very green out here

The above picture is about sixty kms out of Mae Sarieng and here for the first time in the six years of riding this road the surface has been completed around this bend, there has always been about 100 metres of unfinished surface but now its done and good

This is a great fun road for most of the way and hopefully it gets left alone, widening it around here would ruin it

About 87 kms and its the roadworks

4.6 kms later its back to tarmac and a lovely surface it is too

Heres what we have now

Another one

Then its like this for a good while

The Moeis got a strong current here and deeper than I expected

Back to this very enjoyable road

Its a brilliant road that only runs out of steam as you get near to Mae Sot, so to all of you that ask what its like, its brilliant thats what its like, ride it and you wont be disappointed, plus theres only 4.6 kms of roadworks on the entire journey

I get into Mae Sot by 3.30 so its straight to the border to get a new visa

The Moei doesnt look as forceful here, I guess other rivers run into it a bit further upstream

Its SP Kitchen tonight for my pizza, 140 Baht for this

35 Baht for the apple pie and ice cream dessert

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