Nov 092012

The Route 105

Total distance 240 km

After an early spicy curry for breakfast it was off along the 105 to Mae Sot

I have a brand new Airhawk 2 for this holiday as the original is rapidly wearing out and has punctured again, the original one cost $130 and has given me 150,000 km of comfort.
So at less than $1 per 1000 km I considered it very good value for money and shudder to think of the discomfort of those 500+ km day rides without it.
Whether the new one will be as good or not remains to be seen, BobS got me this plus a brand new pair of Firstgear airflow trousers in the US for 4000 Baht, a bargain, thanks Bob

Now if only it stayed like this in the new year without the infernal burning taking place

A very welcome sight indeed and these guys will never run out of work along this section.
The surface was okay heading south for about 40 km then where there is a new wider bridge that isnt being used yet the surface deteriorates, there is a section of a km or 2 where it really is just a minefield of potholes held together by tiny strips of asphalt

Then theres lovely sections like this to make up for it

Now back to the old surface and on this corner I come close to being taken out by a Yamaha SR 400 coming the other way too far on my side of the road

Theres lots of them, all Yamaha 400s and I guess they are on the way to MHS

One section today getting ready for the upgrade and at least it was not a wet surface to slide around on

I am not usually along this road this early in the riding season and dont usually see any water here

The Moei is brown and the water level is well up

Time for my lunch stop, its nice and peaceful here to sit down and eat my sandwich, onion and fruit

The view from my restaurant window.
From here its a pleasant ride into Mae Sot where I check in at the Smile Guest House

Well believe it or not its been 6 months since I last ate a pizza, 130 Baht for this at Casa Mia

Get the gdb file here …

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