Jan 082008

It was just a straight ride down the 105 today, only about 230 km but I managed to make it last 6.5 hours

I got away from Mae Sarieng at 9am and it was very dull and cloudy until about 10.30 then a nice sunny day

The start of a nice new bridge by the look of it, I wonder how long before it is finished and open

We will have to make do with this for a fair while I think

I come to the section that I have never seen covered in tarmac for the six years that I have been riding this route, its only for about 100 metres but strange all the same

Time to park up for a rest and a snack

I have always enjoyed the 105, its a great road with minimal traffic, the only mishap I ever had was running out of petrol on my Honda Wave but someone soon came along and went and got me a bottle from the next village

Its great scenery as usual

This looks like the section they were widening last year when I rode here, quite a few kms of widening with earth but nothing tarmaced yet. I came across some road making machinery but all were parked and no sign of life, perhaps the money has run out. It would be nice one day to actually ride the entire journey on a finished tarmac road but not this decade I think

Getting the crops ready by the Moei

The river seems to have a fast current but obviously not deep along there

A great road with loads of sweeping curves and virtually all of the tarmac surface is good quality

The last 25 km is not as exciting but a good fun ride I had today with quite a few stops. I get into town at 3.30 and find the guest house that I always used has now reopened as Smile House, it was Fortune Guest House and has been closed for the last 15 months. I check in and go eat at SP Kitchen out on the Asia highway

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