Mar 172008

The route 108, ?, 3015

Total distance 235 km

I take the 108 and just enjoy a good steady ride on a very fine road, apart from a couple of short bits about 70 km out of Mae Sarieng its a good road all the way

There is a sign pointing to Ban Maeo Microwave about 30 km before Mae Hong Son and I take the right to go look, theres no road number here

This is one seriously steep road, it just climbs and climbs, its a narrow road but a good surface

I am really high up now

The road below is beginning to fade away

I reach the village

No evidence of any microwaves here though

I ride on past the village and at the top is a building, a guy comes out and gives me a leaflet about walks from here across the mountains, I take a look but can think of better things to do in this heat than walk for a few hours to see a non existant waterfall

That I assume is the path, but definitely not today for me

At the peak, now its back down those steep hills again

I get back on the 108 and almost immediately I turn left onto the 3015

This is a reasonable road

17 kms later I come to a village, I ride throughit and then its the end of tarmac here, I stop for a break then head back, well thats every tarmac offshoot explored between Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son this holiday

I get back to the 108 and ride on in to Mae Hong Son, I go straight to Johnny House and once again they are completely full as they have been on the other two occasions that I have been there this holiday. I am allowed the honour of staying in their house as I am a regular guest so I put my bags in my room then its off to the Salawin River restaurant for a large pizza

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