Nov 082012

The Route 108, 1266
Total distance 160 km When I am in Mae Sarieng breakfast is at the Muslim restaurant just over the river on the way to Mae Sam Laep, hot lovely and only 30 Baht I take the 108 to Mae La Noi on a cool cloudy morning but I have been assured it wont rain, it certainly looked like rain this morning

As I start to climb the cloud comes in but its not too cold which is a relief

Suddenly I am in the clear and its nice and hot now Some good asphalt in places

In Huai Hom and heres the coffee house at N18 22.706 E098 03.944

What I came here for Two cups of their finest was consumed

2 kgs were purchased for 740 Baht and that should last me until early in the new year
There is still the same short unpaved section to get to Huai Hom I ride part of the way back then take a left onto a concrete road to go exploring a new road for me
The paved surface finishes at N18 19.820 E098 01.050

Its beautiful out here and theres still so much more to be discovered, I certainly wont ever run out of work exploring new roads and dirt tracks
I reach Ban Huai Phueng and stop for some photos, my stop point was N18 18.542 E098 02.170
I am told I can get back to Mae Sarieng by carrying on through the village but I turn around to see if I can reach the 3010 in another direction

I head out of town to the west then take a left and I am told it goes to Mae Sarieng and will complete a loop back home

I reach another village and stop for photos

I am told here to carry on for Mae Sarieng but this village sits on the river and my GPS shows no track to follow but it does show that I have to cross this river plus at least one more water crossing I walk down to the river for a look
This is where I need to go through but it looks rather deep Typical of that infernal pig to make it look easy, unfortunately I cant follow the pigs route
Its gone 3pm and I can think of better things to do than drop the bike in the water or get stuck further along so its a return home from here and this track plus others can be completed at a later stage this holiday when the water is lower, unfortunately the scenery wont be as good though. I mark it at N18 17.237 E098 02.065 for future reference in case I try to ride in from the 3010
I stop in Mae La Noi and theres a new 7-11 that has apparently only been here for two months now Back in town by 4.30 and I visit the Muslim restaurant for another delicious meal Beef curry this time, delicious and only 30 Baht, the banana was given to me too. Not only is eating at these places good for my waistline the wallet really enjoys it too

Get the gdb file here …

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  3 Responses to “Mae Sarieng-Huai Hom For Coffee Plus New Dirt Track”

  1. I noticed there is a track heading west out of Omkoi and I plan to explore it sometime, but whether it goes through or not I wonder

  2. Correction, was told about the Mae Ngao road this August, ie this summer….


  3. Thanks again, as planned, nice to enjoy your ride reports over morning coffee well the snow pills up outside. 

    Now with the KLX have you explored up the Mae Ngao provincial park road just south of Mae Sarieng? I was told by a fishing friend that the road goes all the way through the summer, by scooter, to the east connecting to the 1099 and Omkoi. And someone in MS mentioned that there is a 4×4 route that travels from Mae Ngao to the Mae Moei during low water seasons.

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