Jan 142013

The route 108, 1266, 3010

Total distance 132 km

A spicy chicken curry at my favourite Muslim restaurant for breakfast 30 Baht

I ride to Mae La Noi on a very cold morning wishing I had put the waterproof liner in my airflow jacket then take the 1266 for Huai Hom

At Huai Hom and it looks like the coffee is being packaged in a new building since I was last here two months ago

Yes it does look like that cat is about to pounce on me but it was a friendly cat

Even out on the dirt track coming back from Huai Hom there is a fix it centre

I have my coffee so on the ride back its a left into La Up to explore some new tracks

I peer down at the rubbish being burnt below

Totally unaware that there wasnt much support below as I was standing on the edge

Its this concrete track to start with

Dirt starts at N18.33301 E098.05599

He is doing a great job there as thanks to his efforts the water can now flow freely downstream

I reach a small village at N18.32015 E098.04169

I guess that what they have just cut is what they chew on and get the red mouths from

Now in Huai Phueng

I take a track out of town to see where it leads to

It looked promising but has now turned to this single track

I take the other fork

The end of this track too so its back to Huai Phueng

I take the track I was on two months ago and reach my turnaround point from then in a village at N18.28728 E098.03442

I didnt cross here two months ago but if that old lady can walk through I think the KLX can manage it

I stop at Wat Papae at N18.28379 E098.05283

Crossing the river again in Ban Papae
About 100 metres after the waypoint for the Wat the surface turns to paved and stays so back to the 3010.

Along the 3010 I can see the Wat through the trees

Each time I ride the 3010 there is more of it paved and today was no exception with a new stretch that was dirt two months ago

Now on the dirt track that runs past the hot springs and will bring me out on the 108 about 2 km from town

The dam along the river, I guess here is where water is diverted through a pipe to power the hydropower plant on the 108

A spicy beef curry for 30 Baht at the same restaurant I had breakfast

Get the gdb file here …

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  4 Responses to “Mae Sarieng-Coffee From Huai Hom Plus Some New Tracks”

  1. Kevin you couldnt possibly imagine how bitterly cold it is here out in the field, its alright for you sitting snugly inside your heated office looking out.

    Only joking mate, I wouldnt want to swap places with you right now

  2. Second visit to this report, nice when your riding tracks I’ve ridden too!
    And tell me more how it’s so cold there 😉

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Per

  4. Hello Slash
    My wife and I have 2 weeks ago tried to ride on kawa Versys with side bags from Mae Sariang in 1266 to run against in 1270, it could be one Versys with pasagere and luggage so no, the lady do not think it was so funny from the back seat when we came in 1270, so there is a long way back when the road was good again
    The next day we drove up to the MHS and will enter 1265, the road we could not find that e must have removed it at night
    Continued good trip, from the cold north

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