Mar 262013

The route 108, 3010, 4014

Total distance 85 km

Todays GPS track is incomplete, not because I forgot to turn it on this morning but a result of it resetting to factory settings last night.
I was setting it up as best I could but it was partway along todays route when I was looking at it again and then ticked the box to save the track in the correct place, so it only shows the track from that point.
The only new data missing is the two short dirt tracks to the first two villages but as I often ride along here I will re map them another time

Just out of town and I take a left to ride the dirt track to the hot springs

This dirt track goes down to the Mae Sarieng/Mae Om Long river confluence

I bet that doesnt stay there long as it wasnt safe enough for me to walk over

The new building at the entrance to Ban Rai Lo that I saw being worked on three days ago is now finished and I take the dirt track there

Ban Rai Lo at N18.21091 E098.03221

A bit further along the 3010 a dirt track goes to Ban Pha Kluay

Ban Pha Kluay at N18.21619 E098.04308

I take a third right turn off the 3010 along a paved track that turns to dirt at N18.22343 E098.05075

None of these three new tracks today show on the GPS and this one is a suck it and see one

I pass a settlement to my left but didnt see a track going to it from my track and I guess access is from another way

I reach a larger village at N18.22858 E098.07270

A side turn is a dead end

A fire is going but I am not headed in that direction so no problem for me

That fires certainly chucking some smoke up now

I still have no idea where this track goes to but it will join something eventually as there is a track ahead in all directions

Still a lot of smoke from that fire

There were some short paved sections from
N18.19120 E098.10728 to N18.18668 E098.10610
N18.17959 E098.10880 to N18.17187 E098.10731
N18.16919 E098.10243 to N18.16849 E098.09317

Just past these I return to paved at N18.16722 E098.07735

Another chicken and beef curry for 60 Baht, I am addicted to this food here

Get the gdb file here …

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