Jan 192009

The route 108, 3005, unknown, 3005, 108

Total distance 149 km

I took the 108 heading east out of Mae Sarieng and 31 km later I took a right onto the 3005

About 200 metres in as I am climbing the hill its always busy here

It was adults playing this morning and kids on the way back

Then I start this nice bendy road

This roads lacking one thing, CNX based riders trying it out

Last time I rode here it was early january 2008 so the same haze, I promise myself today that this is going to be ridden just after the wet season this year as it will be simply amazing

After about 6 km I stop in at Kong Prae Tai

Not much activity here

Everywhere there are large piles of this wood

Whats in store for me

About twenty kms from the 108 I reach this village, the villagers tell me its called Ban Thon New, at least that what it sounded like to me

I take a right at the village and follow the concrete road until it stops not much further, but great scenery out here

The road carries on but now its only a dirt track and I ride back to the village

I take the other road out of the village and I reported on my trip last year to take caution as its a concrete road that turns to dirt at times. Now the dirt sections have been concreted and its a solid surface for about three kms then it is a mixture of dirt and concrete again

After a few kms I take a right and ride down to a village

I ask the villages name and I am told Ban Pa Pa, I have now ridden twenty eight kms from the 108

I ride back and when I get to where I turned right I turn right again and carry on heading to where I can see a road on the ridgeline

The road I am riding is seriously rutted dirt

Thankfully it smooths out

I reach the tarmac road on the ridgeline and suddenly I know exactly where I am

This road leads down to a village that I rode to in january

I ride through the village and the concrete road that carried on for a couple of kms last year now goes further and I just keep on heading in a southerly direction

At times its dirt and sometimes concrete but mainly dirt now

I reach a junction, to my left the road splits in two, I take the right as its going uphill

I ride until it levels out then stop for some photos, I have now ridden 42 kms from the 108, its now 2.30pm and time to go back

The fantastic views from up here at this vantage point

On the way back I take another concrete road to my right

It soon turnd into a steep rutted track but I get to see some good views from up here

I ride back and now I am on that road riding across the ridgeline

Brilliant isnt it

I now have a long descent, concrete to start with then its a mixture of rough and concrete. Finally I arrive at the village and to my surprise find out that this is Kong Koi where I rode to last year but didnt know its name

I take the tarmac road heading west that joins the 3005 about five kms in from the 108. This road is now in a terrible state, potholed to buggery for a fair way, a year ago it was okay. Now in the trees and the surface improves, the surface changes to concrete and its a good surface back to the 3005.

I did plan on riding the 4085 as well today but time is against me, I didnt realise that this road network extended this far so that will have to wait until next time.

You asked for some more pictures David, I hope these will do. Now I have a favour to ask of you, get out here and GPS these roads and put them on the next Mae Hong Son Loop Map will you. Kong Koi is already linked to the 3005 by a sealed surface and your map needs updating then perhaps some others can enjoy this fun ride too

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