Jan 102014

The route 108, 1266

Total distance 136 km
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3232.jpg
It was a trip to Huai Hom today to stock up on coffee
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3231.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3251.jpg
Lovely clear views all the way today
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3250.jpg
In Huai Hom and the freshly picked beans are being washed
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3247.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3246.jpg
My 2 kgs are being weighed out and sealed up
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3245.jpg
2 kg of freshly ground beans for 700 Baht
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3254.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3253.jpg
Notice how wet the roads are under the trees, they were like it on the way up there and still the same on the way back
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3252.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3244.jpg
Back in Huai Hom and I appear to have a young student
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3242.jpg
She is chatting away and no doubt telling me all about the beans she is pointing at
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3241.jpg
Mother and daughter, they take care of me today as her Aunt who usually does it has gone to Mae Sarieng, we probably passed each other on the journey
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3240.jpg
While I am waiting I have a cuppa
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3239.jpg
The beans out drying
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3238.jpg
I have never noticed this machine before
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3237.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3236.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3235.jpg
Now to enjoy the ride back, it was a cold ride out this morning but its okay after midday
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3234.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3233.jpg

Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3255.jpg
Back in Mae Sarieng and its one of the three afternoon markets today
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3256.jpg
Some might find this a delicacy but the thought of eating it turns my stomach
Mae Sarieng 10/1/2014-img_3259.jpg
All this for 80 Baht at the market but I struggle to eat it all as I have picked up a bug and I feel really under the weather.
It certainly takes something to take my appetite away


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