Nov 212009

The route 105

Total distance 239 km

Straight along the 105 today, a nice leisurely ride that took me seven hours including a few stops

Plenty of bends along this fine road

In the middle of nowhere and the dog has to sit in the road, while I was stopped for this photo a car came along and it ran off

A good few hairpins as well

Tarmac from start to finish today, the section being widened before has now been asphalted and where the widening is now taking place the surface is still intact

The scenery gets better as I travel further

This fella was hanging around at one of my stops

I get to where the road really narrows in a hilly section

Ive come to know this section so well since I first started riding it seven years ago that it will seem strange if its widened along here

The old section thats having widening done

The new section

I must admit this newly surfaced section is a good fun surface

I didnt see a single big bike or a Foreigner on any bike at all today, this fine road deserves better

The Moei has a good flow today, no sign of anybody walking across it today

Usually theres a boat here carrying people across but no sign of life at all

At Mae Ramat the PTT station is under going renovation and appears to now only sell gasohol and diesel, surprising that theres no 91 benzine or is this a sign that its slowly being phased out?

Whilst the fuel station is closed at least theres now a 7-11 between Mae Sariang and Mae Sot, its just a pity that its not halfway between

I call into SP Kitchen and order my pizza, while they are making it I check in at Smile House where I usually stay. I notice a few doors along a new restaurant that says Italian Thai Fusion Restaurant, that will have to be explored next meal

I notice that Colonel Sanders has visited Mae Sot as well as MHS, I definitely didnt notice this during my last visit

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