Mar 242010

The route 1194

Total distance 101 km

Its early afternoon So I head out along the 1194 to see the Salawin river

It was so clear along here in november

I am surprised to not see smoke coming out of that place

No road repairs have been carried out since I last rode here in november and its a shyte road in lots of places

Still a little water in this river that runs into the Salawin

Down to my usual spot along the Salawin and no Forestry Rangers around today

I have never seen that concrete pipe exposed before, either its just been put there or else the Salawin is lower that I have ever seen it before

I am looking down river but the stream to the left is running back up river after hitting rocks

The water in the river is very cold even right at the edge and no way would I venture in very far, the banks drops very sharply to deep water plus its quicksand in lots of places

I see a few boats along here today

Someone said the Salawin is too cold to swim in, its not the temperature that would bother me but the very fast current

The Salawin reminds me of the Mekong in places like here where its swirling with lots of turbulence

Here there are whirlpools too

More turbulence from an underwater obstacle

Time to ride back and some workers out in the fields

Hopefully next visit will be a lot clearer

Pork steak, fries and onions at Northwest tonight for 200 Baht

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