Feb 072008

It was the 108 today which apart from about four or five places 50ish km south of Khun Yuam is in good condition and free from roadworks. All of todays pictures are from the excursions

About 40 km north of Mae Sarieng I took the left for the 3008

This is a fun road

As I approach the first village I can see the road going out to the right across a bridge and I take this road

Once over the bridge the road narrows and there are some roadworks taking place just before the next village and going on though it

This is just beyond the last village and its time to turn back, it was only 10 km but well worth it

Heading north again on the 108 my next turn is a left onto the 1337

This picture sums this road up nicely

This road is really one long bend that comes to a village after 15 km but continues in tarmac form for another 2.5 km

When the tarmac finishes I turn back, this road does actually continue according to my map and joins the 3007

I stop at the 7-11 in Khun Yuam for refreshments then carry on for another couple of km then its a left onto the 3007, I rode here last year but after about 8 km there was a checkpoint and the soldier said no further thats Burma, today I was just shown straight through and after looking at the map I dont know what the problem was last year

Another road thats really one long bend

I climbed to try to get a better shot but it wasnt possible to get the picture I wanted

I come to a left turn which I assume is the 1337, I ride through the village but about half a km later it is just a track so its back on the 3007 which has now also become a hard surface, its not too bad at first as its solid with no ruts but then it gets loose and its slow going

I had about 20 km of the brilliant tarmac to start with but now this is the best on offer, then I come to a long dirt section thats being worked on then its a shitty section for a while, in total about 30 km of unmade. I made the decision to ride on as my map shows its a loop and I was nearly halfway before the tarmac gave out

I finally reach tarmac again but its only for the last 3 km before reaching the 108, if only they would tarmac this road completely it would be a brilliant loop.
I ride on to Mae Hong Son, I had planned on doing the 3015 but it was 16.00 before I reached the turning and it can wait for another day, one good thing about not stopping for pictures on the 108 was I had a good fast ride through all the twisty sections

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