Apr 222013

The route 108, 1266

Total distance 126 km

A wet start here in Mae Sariang this morning and only a couple of km out of town soon sees a pickup in the ditch

On the 1266 now and a clearer fresher air quality then on the last ride here

Its stopped raining now and the roads are dry as I get up in the hills but theres evidence of plenty of rain going by how wet the mud is

A much cooler temperature today

Lots of water laying around on the unpaved section of the 1266

Now in Huai Hom but unfortunately they have no electricity so they cant grind the beans or seal the coffee bags

I am told the electric will be back at 3 pm so I go for a wander around the village

This is one friendly village where everyone is happy to pose for a photo

They have got a task on as that stretches around the block

Tamarind and sugar, very nice too

Cake is the name of this young lady although with her slender figure it doesnt look like she eats many of them.
Cake is from Chiang Mai and is here teaching the children the Bible

An enjoyable time spent here amongst nice people, 3pm came and still no electric so they just weighed 7 kg of whole beans out and put them in plastic bags for me

Chicken curry and rice 30 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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